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Every month we try to offer some kind of special event or workshop that will give you more yoga practice with which to Yogify Yo’self!  Some examples of the local outdoor events include: Urban Beach Yoga, Park Yoga and Rooftop Yoga.  Other themed classes and events may include “Vinoyasa” (wine yoga), “Yogaroma” (essential oils emphasis), and “Flexi-Family Flow” (partnered yoga). Additional options that are being planned for the future include luxury wellness retreats to tropical destinations, local wellness workshops, and Transformation Oracle readings for personal & spiritual growth. If you or your group have any special requests, please contact us to let us know your ideas, as we are open, seeking and responsive to your desires.

Upcoming events: Summer Wellness Retreat in Maya Riviera, Mexico! 5 days of luxury at the El Dorado Royale Spa Resort — June 2019!

There are no upcoming events.