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What it’s DEFINITELY NOT, and how it’s PERFECT for you!

Rising with the sun to practice traditional yoga? DEFINITELY NOT! Raising a glass of wine and having a laugh while doing yoga? PERFECT!
Sitting silent on a cushion until your butt cheeks hurt? DEFINITELY NOT! Stretching and laughing until your face cheeks hurt? PERFECT!
Following a jam-packed schedule of sightseeing? DEFINITELY NOT! Freedom to explore all the fun the fall season offers? PERFECT!
Pal-ing around with people you already know? DEFINITELY NOT! Connecting and communing with new international friends? PERFECT!

Come together with comrades from all four corners of the world as we create a kaleidoscope of friendship, fun and freedom in the Far East. Embody the effervescence of the levity and liveliness of creative themed yoga . Ignite your spirit as you play and experiment with the energy of the Universe through modern mindfulness activities. Imagine yourself clad in a colorful kimono strutting a new breed of fusion fashion and becoming part of the radiance of Japanese style. Envision the elation and laughter you spontaneously share with all the other vivacious, creative and enthusiastic women who’ve joined you for this zesty retreat in the Far East!



High spirited yogaYoga actually means the union of body, mind and spirit, and that’s just what we will do. But, these are NOT yo’ typical yoga classes! Vinoyasa is the perfect pairing of wine and yoga. It’s a unique blend of vinyasa-style yoga combined with using wine accessories as props (for focusing the mind), doing wine-inspired poses (for focusing on balance), and prolonging the relaxation of yoga with post-practice pourings (for focusing on the spirits)! Laughing MATters is a fun-filled class that brings together the mind and body through easy poses and lighthearted breathing activities that will have you laughing all the way through the yoga practice! Now THAT’S the spirit!
*Note:You do not need any prior yoga experience to participate in any of the yoga classes.


Universal Energy KEIn today’s busy world, we are always rushing from place to place, from one task to another, one thought to another, and rarely can we even recall what we did or why. Life becomes blurry and then blah. But, the MINDFULZEST that you’ll experience at this retreat will open your eyes, your heart and your mind to new ways of BEING!
Whenever you bring awareness to what you’re directly experiencing via your senses, or to your state of mind via your thoughts and emotions, you’re being mindful. And when you add the awesome light and energy of the universe, and some cool and creative awareness activities to your presence, you get “Mindfulzest”! This weekend, we’ll experience first-hand some incredible ways in which we can interact with the vibrations of the universe to see how we create our own reality. We’ll explore and experiment with some super sensational awareness activities that can help us to fully experience, appreciate and enjoy every aspect of our remarkable lives.


GJ kimonosKyoto is the culture capital of Japan! And in the height of the fall season, it’s a virtual kaleidoscope of colorful cultural activities that never ceases to surprise and delight. Imagine becoming a part of the vibrant Japanese culture by wearing bright and beautiful kimonos, and engaging in the ancient art of the Japanese tea ceremony. We’ll practice yoga on tatami mat floors, sleep on fluffy futons, and soak & sudsy up at a public bath house. And that’s not all! Kyoto is an ancient Japanese woodblock print come to life with its geisha, temples, shrines, zen gardens and blazing red maple trees, but it’s also a university town with a youthful feel and modernity wafting through it. So feel free to spend your free time anyway you like — shopping for souvenirs on Teramachi Street, walking through the 10,000 torii gates at Fushimi Inari, or just hang out and drink convenience-store beer or sake on the banks of the Kamo-gama (river).


The House

19250211_1718889768140523_423387558_oThis big, traditional home is located in the charming Tofukuji neighborhood with tree-lined streets that includes many traditional buildings, temples and shrines, but also convenient facilities for modern life at home. It’s only a 7-minute walk to the nearest train station with easy access to any of the famous landmarks of this locale. This private home is the best of both worlds — a traditional Japanese sanctuary AND yo’ sisterhood slumber party site. We can take tea in the garden, munch on some local snacks stocked up in the kitchen or peruse the many pamphlets to plan our own extra outings. The house is fully equipped with wifi and modern appliances, plus a wifi hotspot to take with us for immediate uploading of all the incredible adventures!

The Food

breakfast close upYour welcome on Friday will include sipping organic champagne or wine (or non-alcoholic beverages) and snacking on a self-serve set up of Japanese finger foods while we loosen up, settle in and get to know each other. Your mornings are filled with a variety of continental items such as juices, seasonal fruits, artisanal pastries, museli, and of course, coffee and tea. Yummy yogified snacks and nibbles will be available at the Guesthouse throughout the day, and include homemade gourmet treats, fresh fruits, bottled waters and teas. Saturday night dinner — we veg out, literally! We’ll make good on our promise to our mothers to eat our veggies at an all-you-can-eat buffet that serves healthy, Kyoto-style food that incorporates over 30 locally grown vegetables brought in directly from farmers. All of the vegetables in the restaurant are organic, pesticide-free, and sourced from Kyoto prefecture. The dishes offered include a wide range of Japanese flavors, from those that may be easier to stomach for more western palates such as curry and rice, fried chicken, yakisoba and bread, to very traditional and healthy Japanese dishes. Meat and alcohol are available, but completely optional! img_panorama_T

Your Hostess

headshot rotatedHi, I’m Kristina or as I’m sometimes called Yogina Kristina or other times called Kaleidoscopic Kristina. That’s because I’m a high-energy, upbeat, multi-passionate teacher, guide and companion for other seekers and sharers of love, light and adventure! I am a certified 200-hr RYT yoga teacher, a modern mindfulness coach, a retreat creator & hostess, and a university professor. My life is all about communicating, connecting, and community building. So, in my many years experience as an educator, I always focus on my relationships with people in order to bring them together where there is a unique and exciting opportunity to learn, laugh, and love the practices of yoga, mindfulness and English, no matter what your native language is. My greatest desire and joy in life is to enthuse, inspire and connect with women (and men) in their quests for awareness, growth and living a colorful life! So, I invite you (ladies only this time) to join us in this wild and wonderful weekend where you get the lived experience of “From East to Zest – Not Yo’ Typical Yoga Retreat”!


“I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to meet this awesome human being. Without Kristina I would not have learned as much as I have about myself and about life! May she keep turning more people like me into consumers of experience, keep spreading love and inspiration, and keep teaching yoga & mindfulness!” ~Gemma S., Spain

“Kristina is a passionate, joyful, enquiring teacher who is always a major part of every class. She is a boon for the group. Her spirit is infectious and she brings a positive dynamic energy to her work. She has great knowledge as well as a loving and caring attitude towards her students. She is warm and approachable and her sense of humor puts everyone at ease.” ~Goshee S., Poland

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beautiful-girl-fallDouble-occupancy, Japanese style accommodations for 2 nights (2 beds per room)
Two continental breakfast buffets
International snacks and beverages at the Guesthouse
Welcome reception with organic champagne & non-alcoholic beverages
Friday night finger-food fiesta with friends
Saturday night “Veg Out” dinner in Kyoto
Vinoyasa yoga class + Apres-yoga “wine down”(alcohol is optional)
Laughing MATters yoga class
Full-day Kimono wearing experience (with optional professional photo shoot opportunity)
Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony for our private group
Five unique and amazing “Mindfulzest” exercises
Plenty of free time to explore and enjoy Kyoto’s cultural sites
A full weekend (Friday p.m. to Sunday p.m.) of creative fun, new friends and colorful living!

ALL THIS FOR JUST $300 (USD) OR ¥33,000 (JPY) per person, with PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE through PayPal or ¥ 振込!!



autumn gold pavillion2All transportation to/from and during the retreat (if you need helping planning your travel to Kyoto, I am more than happy to help)
Any outside sightseeing excursions
Any entrance fees to tourist sites
Additional meals or drinks not listed above
Money for souvenir shopping or local services
Personal, medical or travel insurance
*Further details and directions will be provided at the time of your deposit!
CTA pay