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If you prefer to practice by yo’self in private, we are happy to host a lesson at a location and time of your choice.  We can customize the lesson in order to give you one-on-one, personalized instruction designed for the age, fitness level, or area of practice you wish. Please contact us to make a private appointment.

Yogify Yo’self also provides opportunities for small and large corporate groups to enjoy the benefits of a yoga lifestyle. ‘Yoga’ means union or yoking. Therefore, yoga was developed to unite the mind, body, and spirit of the practitioner.  This can mean more focus and concentration on tasks, reduced stress and tension at work, and overall healthier and happier employees.  In this way , yoga is an excellent tool for exploring our potential and thus, enhancing our productivity.  These classes can be conducted on-site in company offices, conference or seminar rooms or at an outside location of your choice.  Add us to your agenda and feel the difference yoga can make in your workday!