This represents a philosophy that Yogify Yo’self holds dear: that it is perfectly acceptable to share with people (even strangers) simply because you want to see them succeed.  Below are 4 ways that you can share and support the journey to Yogify Yo’self.

1.       Share Supplies

  • Yoga mats (slightly used, but well loved)
  • Yoga props (blocks, belts, wheels, tune-up balls)
  • Yoga space (fitness rooms, studios or shalas)
  • Yoga music (CDs, free downloads or shareable playlists)
  • Yoga books (preferably in English)
  • Towels (small ones for cleaning mats, and wiping body sweat)
  • Bottled water (for those who forget theirs)
  • doTERRA Essential oils (for Savasana atmosphere & adjustment)
  • InnerG bar ingredients (Quinoa, chia seeds, museli, almond butter, honey)

2.       Share Skills

  • Photography
  • Physical assistance for class demos (some yoga experience is necessary)
  • Art & Design (advertisements, yoga products and accessories, studio décor, etc…)

3.       Share Money — Donate for a specific need, and your money goes directly to that source.

  • Studio space (rent)
  • InnerG Bar bakery operation
  • Advertising & Promotion / Website maintenance
  • Cleaning (studio, mats, towels, props, etc…)
  • Expanding Education (guest gurus, special camps, advanced courses or seminars)

4.       Share With Others