Yogify Yo’self is a lifestyle, and was created in a heartfelt, conscious manner with a focus on sharing.  Sharing our desire, commitment and power to change and grow through yoga. Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit – the natural elements of a human BEING. We at Yogify Yo’self believe that bringing together, and sharing (offering to one another) our awareness, abilities and emotions is the best practice for BEING human.  For us, it’s not about just practicing poses, it’s about creating a life practice…together.  It’s about cultivating community, health, peace and sustainability.  We believe that sharing between people builds positive relationships and strengthens community resilience.  So, join us to Yogify Yo’self, because “Yoga isn’t just something to do; it’s EVERYTHING TO BE!”


Yogify Yo’self takes a whole-hearted, whole-person, whole-life approach to the yoga journey. It is built on the following principles.

(1) Patient Progress — the idea that everything has its own speed at which it develops and is done best. People often focus too much on getting things done fast, so they can rush ahead to hurry through the next thing. With patience and practice, we learn that “ALL is coming”, and it will meet us wherever we are truly living yoga.

(2) Mindful Manners — the concept of Mindfulness allows us to notice and respect ourselves, others, and our surroundings, and let go of unnecessary worries and plans, so that we can have a fuller, richer experience of yoga and life. So, while you can see and hear with your eyes and ears, and you can move your body and show your spirit, you cannot truly experience anything without presence of mind.

(3) Fearless Fun — the idea that life’s too short to take it (or yo’self) too seriously. So, before it’s too late, we need to create the space and freedom to enjoy our bodies as a means of play, to have the courage to laugh at ourselves and love ourselves so that we can love life so fully that we can leave this world with no regrets, just a great big grin on our faces.

(4) Available to All — the idea that yoga should be accessible for everyone. Anyone who wants to learn or practice with Yogify Yo’self is welcome! We believe that we all have something in abundance to share. So, it’s only natural that if we are grateful, we give back. Yoga is a gift that everyone can contribute to!