East to Zest Retreat cover1. Give yo’self a break! From your routine, from your devices, from your work, from your circle, from your regular environment. THIS retreat allows you to break free and just rest, relax and recharge. It’s an all-inclusive event where all the details are taken care of. All you need to do is enjoy yo’self!
2. Change yo’ perspective…yo’ attitude…yo’ life! “From East to Zest” is “Not Yo’ Typical Yoga Retreat”! It is an experience beyond ordinary. It allows you to feel that it is possible to change old patterns and create new habits. You can suddenly see yourself, your potential, and your world in a whole new and exciting way.
3. Meet yo’ tribe! Undeniably, you will meet individuals with similar interests. Over the short space of a weekend, strangers become friends, all inhibitions fall away, and you open yourself to like-minded others and their life experiences. Whether you find someone that lives near you or a long-distance buddy, THIS retreat fosters the kind of connection and community that are the basis for strong and lasting friendships.
4. Expand yo’ learning! “From East to Zest” is all about trying new, creative, unique things that can expand your mind and let you embrace the adventure of learning in a community environment that is open-minded and accepting. And best of all, you can learn new practices and easy, enjoyable ways of seeking, doing and being “more” that you can share with yo’ friends and families back at home.
5. Color yo’ world! Leave behind the black & white starkness of the business or academic world and immerse yo’self in a kaleidoscope of exotic experiences. From the flamboyant fall foliage to bright & bold kimonos to frothy green tea and vibrant buffets to sparkling golden champagne with radiant companions to cool & creative yoga practices and fun & fascinating mindfulness — you’ll go “From East to Zest” in a blaze of color!


5 Reasons You Should Join THIS Retreat!
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