I don’t like taking drugs. Not because they aren’t healing in some ways or helpful in treating symptoms and restoring wellbeing. It’s just that I’ve found a different kind of drug that does that for me – yoga! The thing is, all drugs have some kind of side effects. So, like any over-the-counter drug, I think yoga ought to list the potential side effects. I mean, before you decide to drop-in to a local class or sign up for a membership at the studio, or even buy a mat or DVD, there ought to be some literature or label telling you what might happen if you do this “drug” regularly. 😉 I have yet to find any such language, so I thought I’d write my own. Here’s what it might look like.

While regular practice of yoga can increase your flexibility, as well as muscle strength and tone, it can also aid in maintaining a balanced metabolism, and cardio and circulatory health. Additional results may include weight reduction, enhanced athletic performance, and improved respiration, energy and vitality, especially if you use it long term, take high doses, or engage in advanced treatments.

A regular practice may also cause an overwhelming sense of tranquility and relaxation, which can be life altering. These conditions can occur without warning while you are practicing yoga. As your body adjusts during the yoga treatment these side effects may intensify. Some yoga users have reported the following side effects as creating a ‘shift’ in their entire being.

May cause Early Birditis. Staying up late to finish watching all 6 seasons of Game of Thrones or playing a full board of Words With Friends, and then getting on your mat for that 8:00 a.m. dose of yoga may result in you turning down late night activities and turning down the covers instead! With continued morning doses, you may also experience some sensation to kick off the covers earlier and earlier and take your daily yoga dose before ANY other activity.

May cause weepiness. You may, at first, sense it as sweat in your eye or an eye-watering yawn, but yoga can cause your tear ducts to open and release some of the ‘personal plaque’ that has built up in your system. This may be triggered by any number of elements of a regular intake of yoga, such as the slightest touch or word from the instructor, a transition into a particular pose or even the sound of your own breath resonating in your head. While this ocular secretion may come on suddenly, it is completely natural and should not be stifled.

May cause Lock/Drop Jaw. A severe drop in the urge to ridicule or recriminate, as well as pass judgment on others is a common effect that occurs among regular yoga practitioners. This is often replaced with a frequent dropping of the jaw and momentary immobility as you see the amazing transformations of others undertaking this kind of yoga regimen. This ‘lock and drop jaw’ condition can actually leave you speechless (for short periods of time).

May cause sensitivity to light. Not long after beginning any kind of yoga treatment, you may feel a gradual light emanating from within that can illuminate some of your darker areas. As this light moves through your cells, you may experience anything from a slight stinging to a red-hot, “I’m on fire” feeling. The laser effect of this light can go quite deep, beaming into very tight spots and pinpointing ailing areas with uncanny precision. Some people have reported an acute awareness of the fact that the dim and grim happenings in their lives are their own doing, and way of being – that they are not from external forces. That’s the slight sting. However, others feel the intensity of the light in terms of a spotlight calling them to the world’s stage to become a shining star in the leading role of their own true story.

May cause an enlarged heart and mind. With repeated treatments, a deterioration of the heart’s outer shell can occur. These cracks in the protective shield that most people have built around their hearts allow more oxygen to reach the heart and brain, expanding and filling each with kindness and compassion. In some people, this feeling of “heartfullness and mindfullness” has swelled to such a degree as to overflow the “self” and flood outside communities of friends and families, complete strangers and even whole societies!

So beware, yoga is potent stuff with some pretty serious side effects. To be sure, the various brands of yoga can be laced with anything from peace, light, energy, community, beauty, balance, and positivity to complete wholeness. However, no matter which dispensary you get your yoga from, the active ingredient in yoga is always love, which is the greatest healer of all time. So, to heal yourself, Yogify Yo’self!

Side Effects of Yoga
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2 thoughts on “Side Effects of Yoga

  • September 22, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Thank you, Kristina. As usual, your sense of humor and great writing skills brings happiness and laughter. Xo

    • October 29, 2018 at 7:28 pm

      Ah, Jody (the only true Hollywood star in my book)! Thanks for your sweet words. I wish you all the love, light and all the union (and reunion?) that yoga can bring! Hope our paths cross again. Miss your fun spirit!


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