Community Classes

Our community classes are conducted in a friendly, comfortable, judgment-free atmosphere that emphasizes correct and safe alignment. In every session, clear instructions are given, along with physical demonstrations of every pose. This easy-to-follow method makes all the community classes suitable for anyone to participate. You do not need any prior yoga experience or knowledge to “Get Yogified” in these classes!

Private & Corporate Lessons

If you prefer to practice by yo’self in private, we are happy to host a lesson at a location and time of your choice. Yogify Yo’self also provides opportunities for small and large corporate groups to enjoy the benefits of a yoga lifestyle. We can customize the lessons in order to give you an excellent tool for exploring your human potential and thus, enhancing your productivity.

Special Events & Workshops

Every month we try to offer some kind of special event or workshop that will give you more yoga practice with which to Yogify Yo’self! Some examples include: Beach Yoga, Riverside Flow Class, and Park Yoga (weather permitting). Additional options that are being planned for the future include short-term travel retreats to practice special styles of yoga, local mindfulness camps, and spiritual / philosophical group forums.

The Perfect Pairing!

Forget the cats, goats or beer! They'll only leave you fur covered, or with hoof prints on your back, or belching out your "om". Get yo' creative yoga fix with the flow of "Vinoyasa"! This is the perfect pairing of yoga and wine. It’s a unique blend of vinyasa-style yoga enhanced with wine accessories used as props (for focusing the mind), doing wine-inspired poses (for focusing on balance), and prolonging the relaxation of yoga with post-practice pourings (for focusing on the spirits)! Finally, the only yoga class where wining is allowed! :-)


YES to Yogify Yo’self!

I really like to take this "Yogify Yo'self" class. It's very good for beginners. There is NO pressure. The teacher is so kind and open mind and funny. I feel free to ask her about yoga and anything else. Must go!! You won't be disappointed!! No yoga-No life! Namaste.

Chikage Sasaki, Hirakata, Japan

Perfect Yoga Class!

Kristina is a passionate, joyful, enquiring teacher who is always a major part of every class. She is a boon for the group. Her spirit is infectious and she brings a positive dynamic energy to her work. She is a natural teacher. I would recommend Kristina as both a yoga and meditation teacher. She has a great knowledge as well as a loving and caring attitude towards her students. She is warm and approachable and her sense of humor puts everyone at ease.

Goshee, Gdansk, Poland
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